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Crystal Shrimp Pro Water Condition Meter

  • One-Touch Calibration: Effortless calibration with a single press of the button. Always calibrate accurately!
  • Automatic Endpoint Reading & Calibration: Eliminating guesswork! The unit automatically locks to an endpoint reading during each test and calibration.
  • Beep Function: Audible beep on every press of the button and long beep on every completed function and end-point reading.

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Crystal Shrimp are a delight and highly priced as pet. They are a challenge to aquarist and hobbyist due to their sensitivity to water conditions. The Crystal Shrimp Pro is specially designed for the successful keeping of Crystal Shrimp.

The market commands a high price due to the breeding cycle to get the red signature over a few generations of selection. Another reason for the high price is transportation, express quarrantien due to sensitivity of water conditions. Usually after transportation, high percentrage would not survive.

The Crystal Shrimp Pro is dedicated to measure the important water softness and temperature.

Why do we test water softness?
Water softness is an important parameter for crystal shrimp. Caridina family like Bee Shrimp, Amano Shrimp, red Cherry Shrim etc. have similar requirements. Although these shrimp can survive well in moderately hard water, they cannot survive well in too hard or too soft water. Each species have slightly different hardness ranging from 3 to 15dH.

>strong>Why do we test water temperature?
Temperature is another important factor affecting the shrimps. Ideal temperature is slightly lower than tropical emperature of around 20 to 25oC. Depending on species, they will not survive above these ranges without strong aeration and non-overcrowding. Temperature swing will cause mare casualties.


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