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Tomatotone (60ml)

Tomatotone enhances fruit setting and yield in tomatoes in hot & humid weather.

This bottle of 60ml tomatotone contains 4-chlorophenoxy acetic acid.


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High temperatures and high humidity can affect fruit yields in many plants. Tomato and other members of the Solananeae family like the egg plant, chillies etc...are very sensitive to temperature & humidity. When the flower opens, the anthers should dehisce and release the pollens. The stigma should generate a stick fluid to attract and attach the pollen grains that will grow down the style to reach the ovule and fertilize the eggs

In hot & humid climates, the anthers remain sticky & do not open until the humidity goes down by 11am. By this time, hte stigmatic fluid dries out & loses the ability to attach or retain the pollens. This results in poor fruit-setting. Unpollinated & unfertilized flowers usually drop off and fruit setting and yield suffers greatly. The use of heat-tolerant varieties plus the application of commercial fruit-set hormone containing phenoxy compounds such as Tomototone or Tomatonlan are recommended.

Tomato flowers struggle to set fruit under hot summer conditions. Spraying the flowers with Tomatone (4-chlorophenoxy0 can increase fruit setting and yields dramatically. This is a standard practice in tomato production and has been recommended by the Asian Vegetable Research & Development Center (AVRDC).

Recommended Dosage:

Measure and pour 30 ml of "Tomatotone" into a spray bottle and then dilute with 1.5 litres of water. Add a drop of baby shampoo (which acts as a good sticking agent) and spray on the flower clusters only (between 8-10am). Always keep the solution refrigerated.

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