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LECA Balls

Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) ideal for supporting seedlings and also quite aesthetic for potted plants.

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5 Litres of LECA Balls (Large 8-16mm diameter)
5 Litres of LECA Balls (Small 4-8mm diameter)

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2 Litres of LECA Balls (Large 8-16 mm diameter)
2 Litres of LECA Balls (Small 4-8 mm diameter)

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Manufacturing Process - LECA is made by baking pure natural clay at  1200 degrees Celsius for 3 hours in rotary kilns; the end product is pH neutral, doesn't degrade and is autoclavable. Capillary action on the surface of the lightweight pebbles allows it to absorb 40% of its weight in water and also allows for efficient evaporation to help maintain a constant humidity level. LECA is manufactured exclusively in high-tech kilns in Germany, Denmark, Australia and China.

Physical Properties - this versatile medium has hundreds of tiny pores that retain moisture. Large 8 to 16 mm average diameter size allows for maximum oxygen to the roots while providing a stable base for plant roots grown in active hydroponic systems or passive hydro culture applications. It holds water extremely well and transmits it effectively to the plant roots. The pellets are uniform in size and have an attractive, natural appearance.

Chemical Properties - LECA is a chemically-inert medium with a neutral pH, and is reusable, clean, and odorless. Since LECA is completely inert and has no nutrient value, be sure to fertilize with a nutrient that contains all of the trace and minor elements necessary for plant growth like LUSHGro-HYDRO (for all kinds of plants), LUSHGro-BLOOM (for flowering plants) and LUSHGro-GREEN (for foliage plants)

Applications – Ideal for flower beds in large buildings and complexes where great importance is given to cleanliness, aesthetics, functionality and easy maintenance.

LECA is sold in various names like Hydroton, Geolite, HydroKorrels, Hydroleca, grow rocks, clay balls, etc...


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