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Watercress Seeds

  • Brand: KNOWN-YOU
  • Quantity: About 500 seeds per package
  • Germination:  Watercress seeds will germinate in soil in approximately 7 to 14 days
  • Soil Condition: Watercress can also be grown in consistently wet soil with a soil pH of 6.5-7.5 in full sun, or you can mimic natural conditions by growing watercress plants in a bucket or other container.
  • Sowing depth: 1/4 inches deep
  • Spacing: 1/2 inches apart
  • Light: Watercress prefers a position in light shade, but will grow well in a sunny position, providing the soil or compost is wet.
  • Watering Time: Regular. Keep the planting area moist but not covered with water.
  • Fertilizing: Recommended 
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Official Name: Nasturtium officinale

General description: Watercress or yellowcress is an aquatic plant species with the botanical name Nasturtium officinale. Watercress is a rapidly growing, aquatic or semi-aquatic, perennial plant native to Europe and Asia, and one of the oldest known leaf vegetables consumed by humans. It has a strong taste and can be used in a number of dishes for extra nutrition. It is a member of the family Brassicaceae; watercress and its relatives garden cressmustardradish, and wasabi are all noteworthy for their piquant flavors.The hollow stems of watercress will float; the leaf structure is pinnately compound.

How to grow: Watercress grows best in cool but sunny spots. If there is a small creek or stream on your property, grow watercress there. Otherwise, it may be necessary to create a bog. Dig a hole about 2' across and 12" deep (Image 1). Loosely fit black plastic pond liner over the hole, pressing it down with your hands. Trim the excess off the top, leaving a 3" or 4" lip at the top. Use a garden fork to punch a few holes in the sides of the liner for drainage Combine one part garden soil, one part coarse builder's sand, one part compost, and one part mushroom compost. Add a handful of slow-release fertilizer to the mix. Pour the mixture into the bog, filling it to within 1" or 2" of the top. Cover the remaining exposed liner with soil. Fill the bog thoroughly with water.Plant watercress seeds in the bog by sowing them 1/4" deep and about 1/2" apart. Cover the seeds with fine garden soil and gently water them in. Keep the bed moist until the seeds germinate.Thin seedlings to about 5" to 8" apart after germination. Maintain adequate moisture levels in the bog. In hot weather, watercress will be covered with small white flowers. When cool weather returns, cut back the flowers to encourage new tender growth. To harvest watercress, cut the leaves and stems a few inches above the ground. Watercress is a perennial, meaning it will come back year after year, and new growth will come up from the ground after each cutting. Although it can be harvested any time of year, its flavor is best during the cooler months.


  • Packed with Nutrients, Particularly Vitamin K. 
  • High Antioxidant Content May Lower Your Risk of Chronic Diseases. 
  • Contains Compounds That May Prevent Certain Types of Cancer. 
  • Beneficial for Heart Health in Many Impressive Ways. 
  • Mineral and Vitamin K Contents Protect Against Osteoporosis.





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