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Chervil Seeds

  • Brand: KNOWN-YOU
  • Quantity: About 200 seeds per package
  • Germination:  Seeds will germinate in soil in approximately 7 to 14 days
  • Soil Condition:  Will grow best in a well-draining loam soil with a pH between 6.5 and 7.0
  • Sowing depth: 1/4 deep
  • Spacing: at least 12 inches apart
  • Light: Full Sun
  • Watering Time: Regular. 
  • Fertilizing: Recommended
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Official Name:  Anthriscus cerefolium 

General description: Chervil (/ˈtʃɜːrˌvɪl/; Anthriscus cerefolium), sometimes called French parsley or garden chervil (to distinguish it from similar plants also called chervil), is a delicate annual herb related to parsley. It is commonly used to season mild-flavoured dishes and is a constituent of the French herb mixture fines herbes

How to grow: The seeds of chervil can be sown in spring and fall, or in successive sowings every 2 to 3 weeks up to 6 weeks before the first frost. Chervil is great for growing in containers or large tubs. The seedlings are too fragile to transplant, so they should be planted in their permanent location. Sow a group of 5 seeds just below the surface of the soil, each group 12 inches apart, cover with soil and firm down. Keep chervil watered at all times.  When the seedlings reach approximately 2 inches tall, thin to 4 inches between plants.  The ideal location for chervil is partial shade in summer and sun in the winter, in a somewhat sheltered area, such as under a deciduous tree.  Chervil can be picked any time of the year.

Benefits: Chervil is an herb. People use the leaves and dried flowering parts, as well as the juice, to make medicine. Chervil is used for fluid retention, cough, digestion problems, and high blood pressure. Juice from fresh chervil is used for gout, pockets of infection (abscesses), and a skin condition called eczema.





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