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Kessil H150 Magenta LED Grow Light

The Magenta LED grow light was designed specifically for plants in the flowering phase. Its recipe places a heavier emphasis on red, due to the fact that plants will perform better in the flowering stage with more red light

Brand: Kessil LED
Power: 36W

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Kessil® LED grow lights are transforming the indoor lighting world. Set to replace traditional broadband illuminators such as T5, metal halide, and high pressure sodium, Kessil® LED grow lights will be the preferred artificial sunlight for the horticulture industry. Not only do the LED grow lights save energy, they add a whole new dimension to the way colored lights influence plant growth. Like choosing a distinctive mix of fertilizer, growers can now handpick a unique LED grow light with a specific spectrum tailored to a particular plant variety. At the forefront of this spectral revolution, Kessil® LED grow lights are advancing indoor plant growth to heights never before imagined.

Kessil®  H150 is an innovative high intensity LED grow light designed specifically for indoor growing experts. Using the patented Dense Matrix LED™ platform, H150 effectively delivers penetrating and spectrum specific light directly onto targeted plants. This advanced light source is sophisticated in technology, yet exceptionally easy to operate. The compact form factor makes H150 extremely versatile, providing endless possibilities for its usage. Experience the light, maximize your plants' potential, and join the spectral revolution!


Kessil H150 LED Grow Lights
Kessil H150 Purple LED Grow Lights

H150 Purple

General Purpose, Special Penta-band Recipe
The PURPLE model is a general purpose LED grow light that can carry many different kinds of plants through the whole growth cycle. This special penta-band recipe combines five different types of red and blue LED chips to create a spectrum that works for every stage of plant growth.

Kessil H150 Magenta LED Grow Lights

H150 Magenta

Flowering Emphasis, Unique Quad-band Formula
Similar to the PURPLE model but with a much higher ratio in the red spectrum, the MAGENTA model is a general purpose LED grow light that focuses on performance during the bloom phase. This unique quad-band spectrum blends four different types of LED chips together and is ideal for the flowering stages of growth.

 Kessil H150 Red LED Grow Lights

 H150 RED

Bloom Booster
This distinctive RED model is created to work alongside any grow light system. Taking advantage of H150's compact size, this booster light can be easily integrated into most indoor gardening environments. The all red emission will both increase photon intensity and balance the spectrum to the desired region during the blooming and fruiting phases.

 Kessil H150 Blue LED Grow Lights

H150 Blue

Vegetation Enhancer
The BLUE model is aimed at enhancing vegetative growth without sacrificing yield. Working in conjunction with conventional or advanced LED lighting systems, this booster light will promote stem growth and reduce internodal length. Use this one-of-a-kind LED grow light to supplement the blue spectrum at any time to keep plants healthy and strong.




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