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Vermiculite Mineral Rocks are baked micaceous rock with high water holding capacity. Ideal for germinating seeds, growing bulbs. Optimal for a hydroponic aggregate mix.

Vermiculite contains expanded mined silica - brownish gold coloured light weight granules of flakes. It has excellent property of improving soil aeration while maintaining moisture and nutrients to feed roots, cuttings and seeds for faster, maximum growth.

Due to its hig moisture holding capacity, Vermiculite is also ideal for germinating seeds, growing bulbs and a good additive for hydroponic aggregate mix, Available in Fine, Medium & Large Grades

1 pack is 5 litres

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Vermiculite (Fine Grade) HPCD10
Vermiculite (Medium Grade) HPCD11
Vermiculite (Large Grade) HPCD12

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Vermiculite is another mined material. In it's natural state it resembles mica rock, but when quickly heated it expands due to the generation of interlaminar steam.

Vermiculite is most frequently used in conjunction with perlite as the two complement each other well. Vermiculite retains moisture (about 200% - 300% by weight), and perlite doesn't so you can balance your growing medium so that it retains water and nutrients well but still supplies the roots with plenty of oxygen. A 50/50 mix of vermiculite and perlite is a very popular medium for drip type hydroponic systems as well as ebb and flow systems. Vermiculite is inexpensive.


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ExcellentReview by Robert
Lasted me a very long time. Received as expected (Posted on 10/10/2016)

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