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Hexagonal Sprouter Kit

Hexagonal Sprouiter Kits made from Korea. There are two sizes - small and large. The large one is about doube the size of the small one.

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Hexagonal Sprouter Kit (Large)
$ 20.00
Hexagonal Sprouter Kit (Small)
$ 10.00

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Sprouting means that the seed has germinated and result in a partially grown young plant. If you follow a raw food diet you will know that sprouting (nuts, seeds, beans or grain) is a way to make them more edible and more easily digestible.

When seeds are soaked in water for a length of time, the plant’s enzyme inhibitors are removed. The enzyme inhibitor will prevent the plant from germinating unless the right conditions are met. Once the seed is put in water, the enzyme inhibitors are washed away and germination can begin. Because of this process, the plant begins to grow at a rapid pace.

Sprouts are cheap, simple, nutritious, and would you believe it, delicious. Even if you don’t like sprouts you can throw them in a smoothie and blend them up with some ripe fruit to get all the health benefits the easy way. Sprouts are a high protein, enzyme-rich food that boosts immunity, growth and strength. They’re good detox food as sprouts are high in antioxidants to drain the toxins from our bodies. Sprouts are also a great weight loss food - they’re filling but low in fat and calories.



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