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FishPlant Production Unit Complete

If you want to try aquaponics on a small commercial scale, the Fishplant Production Unit is ideally suited for this purpose, and is the largest system in the range..

As with the Fishplant Family Unit, the height of the system makes it very accessible and easy to use

  • Large enough to supply a large family with a constant supply of salad and herbs and regular fresh fish
  • Ideal for a small hotel or restaurant.
  • Stocks up to 8kg of fish.
  • Fits into less than 3m2 of floor space.
  • Ideal teaching aid for schools or educational/therapeutic organization

What's included:

  • FishPlant 1000 litre tank
  • 2 x FishPlant 200 litre grow bed
  • Pump and Pipe Kit
  • 2 x FishPlant Auto Siphon
  • Grow Bed Stand
  • Fishplant Starter Kit
  • Inlet Filter
  • Fishplant Clay Pebbles
  • Fishplant Production Unit Instructions

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What is the FishPlant system?

The FishPlant Production Aquaponic System is an aquaponic system. The combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. You can raise fish and grow plants in an enclosed eco-system with beneficial microbes providing the bridge that converts the fish waste to usable plant nutrients.

The larger size of FishPlant Production Aquaponic System provides twice the growing area and more than twice the fish tank volume of the FishPlant Family Unit, creating an even more stable environment. Under optimum management you could be harvesting 10 fish every 6 weeks and up to 7kg of biomass The low height of the system makes it very accessible and easy to use.

The package includes everything necessary to setup the system including the clay pebbles. Full build instructions and operation guide are included. The FishPlant units operate on a flood and drain system with an autosiphon which provides efficient, low maintenance operation

How the FishPlant system works?

The PlantBed of the FishPlant system is based on the ‘Flood & Drain’ (or ‘Ebb & Flow’) hydroponic technique – the ‘Flood’ bringing water and nutrients to the plants roots, the ‘Drain’ drawing fresh air (oxygen) into the root-zone.

The water pump runs constantly and the AutoSiphon controls the flooding and draining. The AutoSiphon cycle starts when the water level in the PlantBed passes the overflow point of the Downspout and starts to siphon back into the FishTank – this also helps oxygenate the water for the fish. The siphon will flow faster than the inlet flow rate and will drain the PlantBed until the water level reaches the siphon break point. Then it will start flooding again (see diagram).

Sourcing your fish

The first decision you have to make is what fish to grow. This depends on whether you intend to eat them or just keep them for pleasure. While the principle of aquaponics is primarily to grow food, it may be that you prefer to grow ornamental fish such as Koi Carp or Goldfish and just eat the plant produce. If this is the case you are likely to use lower fish densities (hence feed less) and therefore the amount of plants it is possible to grow will be reduced.

If you are planning to eat your fish, there are a number of species to choose from such as carp (common or mirror) and perch to name just a couple, but the one we strongly recommend, certainly if you are new to fish-keeping and/or aquaponics is Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). It is a tasty fish, that is hardy and tolerant, which can be kept at a high density and is resistant to disease. With the right conditions they can easily be grown to harvest size in six months.

Fish should always be sourced from a reliable and reputable supplier, if in doubt, ask to see any paper work related to where the fish stock came from. Generally speaking, fish that have been bought for ornamental purposes should not be eaten as they may have been treated with harmful additives. When buying fish that are held in a tank avoid those that are being kept with sick fish or those that look stressed. When transporting your fish back to your fish plant system, try to keep stress to an absolute minimum.



Additional Info

Additional Info


What is FishPlant Plant Care Kit?

The kit allows you to test for Nitrates, Phosphates and General Hardness (GH). Quick and easy to do, the kit contains dropper bottles and easy to read colour charts. Nitrates are essential for building proteins and plant growth. Phosphates are essential for healthy roots, flowering and disease resistance. General Hardness measures the ‘hardness’ of the water, it is the total of all the minerals dissolved in the water, and these are important for all biological processes. In particular the availability of Calcium for plant growth.

What is FishPlant Fish Care Kit?

Monitoring water quality closely is vitally important, especially in a new system. Fortunately it is very quick and easy to do with the dropper bottles and colour charts. Included in this kit are tests for Ammonia, Nitrite, pH and KH.


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