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White AeroGarden System

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Quick Overview

AeroGardenTM is a new home gardening appliance that boasts miracle-like growth of fresh herbs and other produce at just a push of a button.

AeroGardenTM is easy to use, energy efficient, organically based and completely automated. AeroGardenTM comes with everything you need including seeds and a full and clear instruction booklet. You just grow and prune every week and the plant of your choice - tomatoes, salad, herbs or chilli peppers will continue to grow. Just pick and eat. The unit features a lamp canopy, a hydroponic nutrient chamber and an easy to use computerised control system that waters your plants at the right time and turns the lights on and off. This eliminates the risk of your plants being forgotten or overlooked. In just 28 days you can be ready to harvest your yield. Indoor gardening all year round, the fun doesn't have to stop in bad weather.

AeroGardenTM has a footprint of 41cmx27cm

The kit contains

  • Master Garden Seed Kit
  • Nutrient Liquid
  • 2x lamps
  • Booklet on how to grow
  • AeroGardenTM lamp canopy
  • Hydroponics nutrient chamber
  • Computerised control system
White AeroGarden System and Unit

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AeroGardenTM is a fully automatic drip feed hydroponic system whiuch includes lights. No pH or EC control is needed, its simply plug and play and will open up hydroponics to the masses for the first time!

The AeroGardenTM is so simple to use - just pop the growing pods into the appliance, plug it in, add the specified amount of water and nutrients, then just watch it grown. It's foolproof as the system automatically adjusts nutrient delivery and water flow and even automatically turns the grow lights (supplied in the kit) on and off. The AeroGarden comes with a starter Herb Kit. There's also a choice of 3 seed kits and a kit that allows you to choose what type of plant you want to grow (Master Garden Kit - see below). This fully automated system has been designed for maximum efficiency, using less energy than a 60w bulb.

Even the seasoned gardener will be surprised by the results this new technology, boasting both energy efficiency with an organic based environment.

Imagine year round herbs and salads growing in your kitchen!

  • No weeds or pesticides or muddy hands!
  • No green fingers required!
  • From seed to picking lettuce in 5 weeks!

How do plants grow in the AeroGarden?
The AeroGarden grows plants without dirt using a unique method of hydroponics called Aeroponics where the plant roots are suspended partially in air and partially in an oxygen infused nutrient solution. Because the roots are bathed with ideal levels of nutrients, water and oxygen, plants grow significantly faster, are healthier and have a higher nutrient content than plants grown in soil.

How big are the AeroGardens?

  • The AeroGarden Classic, Pro100, AeroGarden 6 and AeroGarden 6 Elite Depth from front to back = 11", Width = 18-1/2", Height - Low = 15" High = 21-1/2"
  • The Space Saver 6 and SpaceSaver 6 Elite Depth from front to back = 10-1/4", Width = 16", Height – Low 16", High = 21 3/4
  • The AeroGarden 3 and AeroGarden Ladybug Depth from front to back = 11", Width = 9-1/2", Height – Low = 14", High = 20"
  • The AeroGarden Pro200, Deluxe, and AeroGarden 6 Elite+ Depth from front to back = 11", Width = 18-1/2", Height – Low = 16-1/2" High = 34"
  • (We recommend leaving 2" of clearance above and on all sides for proper ventilation.)

What comes with the AeroGarden system?

Everything necessary for a complete season of growth (just add water). The AeroGarden comes with everthing you need to start Growing – right out of the box: AeroGarden, Seed Kit, Grow Bulbs and nutrients. There is no dirt and no mess.

How long will my plants live?
Vegetable Kits, such as Cherry Tomatoes and Green Beans will grow for 6 months, and you will be able to start harvesting in about 8 - 10 weeks. That gives you approximately 4 months of continuous harvests. Salad Greens will grow for 3 - 4 months, and you can begin harvesting after only 3 weeks. That gives you about 3 months of continuous harvests. Herb Kits such as Gourmet Herbs, Pesto Basil, and Tuscan Italian will all grow for 4 months. You can start harvesting your herbs in about 4 weeks, giving you 3 months of continuous harvests. Flower Kits will begin to bloom in 4 weeks and will continue blooming for up to 4 months.

How much time do I have to spend taking care of my AeroGarden?
Although all of our Seed Kits are very easy to take care of, some require just a bit more interaction than others when it comes to tending and harvesting. See the guide at right to decide which Seed Kit will be best for you: Seed Kit Type Approx. Time Salad Greens 5 minutes a month Herbs 3 minutes a week Flowers 3 minutes a week Vegetables 5 minutes a week

How long can the AeroGarden be left unattended?
What if I travel a lot? A newly planted AeroGarden can be left unattended for up to 2 weeks, depending on the type of plants you are growing and their maturity. Larger, more mature gardens may need water more frequently

When can I begin harvesting?
It depends on which Seed Kit you have. You can begin harvesting lettuces and basils 3 weeks after planting your garden and then enjoy continuous harvests for months. Other herbs will take about 5 weeks to be ready to begin harvesting. Flowering/Fruiting plants will take longer to harvest: about 10 - 12 weeks for cherry tomatoes.

Can I mix Seed Kits?
Yes, although we only recommend mixing kits of the same type – i.e. mixing herbs or flowers or salad greens – not across groups. There are 3 reasons for this: 1. Plants within the same group tend to grow at the same rate of speed, and thus are less likely to crowd each other out. Salad Greens growing with tomatoes would completely overwhelm them, for example, because the Salad Greens grows so much faster than the tomatoes. 2. Plants within the same group will have the same nutrient needs so sharing nutrients across kits will not harm the plants 3. Plants within the same group will have the same light timing needs and share the same LED on the plant select indicator on the control panel.

How much energy does the AeroGarden use?
The AeroGarden system has been designed for maximum efficiency. The entire system uses less energy than a single 60-watt light bulb.

What kind of light bulbs does it use?
The AeroGarden uses full-spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs exclusively designed for the optimal amount and type of light needed for robust, healthy plant growth

How nutritious is AeroGrown produce compared to store bought organic?
There are actually more vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients in AeroGrown produce than in most "certified organic" produce purchased from the supermarket. For example, AeroGarden Salad Greens have been shown to contain 55% more Vitamin C than Earthbound Farms Organic Mixed Baby Greens from Whole Foods and 200% more vitamin C than a clamshell-packaged head of Organic Butter Lettuce from Whole Foods. Hundreds of studies have shown that many vitamins, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients degrade during post-harvest transportation and storage (average time 5-14 days) before reaching the consumer. Supermarket produce is often picked before ripe - before vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients reach maximum levels. Nothing is fresher than AeroGarden grown. AeroGrown produce is as "local" as you can possibly get! Studies show that children and adults eat more veggies when homegrown, such as in the AeroGarden. There is no risk of food-borne illness via bacterial contamination from commercial packaging, handling, or soil organisms (e.g., bacteria such as E. coli) with produce grown in the AeroGarden. Immune compromised patients, such as those undergoing chemotherapy, are currently being told not to eat raw, organic produce, such as salads, due to the risk of infection. With the AeroGarden, salads, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, and other vegetables can now be part of their diet again. No ripening chemicals, such as ethylene (e.g., for ripening tomatoes) or modified atmosphere packaging (e.g., bagged lettuce), are used. AeroGrown produce acquires no extra chemicals during transport and storage (e.g., truck and industrial refrigerator exhaust).

Is your fertilizer organic?
For produce to qualify as organically-grown, the fertilizers used must be derived from decomposed plant or animal material. This works well in soil, where microbes and insects convert this decaying plant and animal material into a mineral form which is readily available to the plants (a process known as "mineralization"). In an aeroponic environment, however, there are no microbes to perform this conversion from decaying organic matter to mineral form, so the organic-matter fertilizer becomes a smelly mess that the plants cannot absorb. To avoid this problem, our nutrient tablets are made instead from mineral salts that directly provide all the macro and micronutrients needed by plants for robust, healthy growth, in a form that is readily absorbable. This complete plant nutrition assures that AeroGrown produce is extremely high in nutritional value. Recent studies have shown that produce grown in the AeroGarden is actually more nutritious than store-bought organically-grown produce.

Are your seeds organic?
AeroGrow Seeds are not certified organic at this time, for two reasons: 1. We have scoured the earth for seeds of the best and tastiest small-variety vegetables, herbs and flowers that are available, and we have chosen to give preference to the best varieties rather than limit our choices to only those seeds that are commercially available as organically-grown, and 2. the tiny size of a seed relative to the plant that grows from it, and the fact that the seed itself is not consumed. Please note, however, that we never use genetically-modified seeds.

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