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Hydroponic Capsicum Production

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  • Type: New, Paperback
  • Edition: 1st Edition
  • Pages: 128
  • Dimension187mm x 225mm
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0958673551
  • Publisher: Casper Publications
  • Publisher DateJan 1, 2000
Hydroponic Capsicum Production by Dr Lynette Morgan & Simon Lennard 0958673551

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  • Hydroponic Capsicum Production by Dr Lynette Morgan & Simon Lennard 0958673551
  • Hydroponic Capsicum Production by Dr Lynette Morgan & Simon Lennard 0958673551

Hydroponic Capsicum Production is an excellent, comprehensive guide dedicated to the producing, harvesting and marketing of capsicums and peppers. This book provides a detailed history of hydroponic capsicum production, along with special focuses on capsicum nutrition, pests, plant disorders and hydroponic systems. Contains color photos and charts that help to explain the ins and outs of growing capsicums and peppers.

Highly valued as a vegetable and spice, capsicums, peppers and chillies are becoming increasingly important hydroponic crops in terms of production and consumption. Crops can be produced year-round, with the benefits of faster, cleaner production and a premium quality end-product. At the same time, new coloured varieties rich in Vitamin A and C have energised the market, at a premium price. This comprehensive book is designed to provide essential information of a practical and scientific nature for existing and intending capsicum growers. The text explores everything from the background and characteristics of the capsicum species, to the details of growing systems, mineral nutrition, the capsicum greenhouse, pests and diseases, physiological disorders, and postharvest and marketing. This book is illustrated throughout with many coloured pictures and line-drawings.

Table of Content

- Background and History of the Capsicum Species
- Introduction
- History of the Capsicum
- World Production
- Economic and Other Uses of Capsicum

CHAPTER 02: The Capsicum Plant
- Introduction
- Cultivars
- Characteristics of Good Cultivars
- Pungency or Heat
- Flavour
- Colour
- Biology of the Capsicum Plant
- Plant Characteristics
- Flowering and Pollination
- Fruit Growth and Maturation

CHAPTER 03: Propagation
- Seed Propagation of Sweet Bell Peppers
- Seed Raising and Propagation Media
- Rockwool
- Compressed peat blocks/pellets
- Composted bark
- Coir
- Perlite
- Vermiculite
- Pumice
- Sand
- Pepper Seed Germination
- Seedling Growth
- The Physiology of the Germination Process
- Seed Sowing - Water, Oxygen and Temperature
- Seedling Nutrition
- Disease Control during Germination and Seedling Development
- Damping-off Diseases
- Treatment for Seedling Damping-off Diseases

CHAPTER 04: Crop Establishment and Training
- Planting Out
- Crop Spacing
- Training the Plants
- Bell Pepper - Plant Growth and Physiology
- Vegetative growth
- Flowering
- Pollination
- Pollination by Bumble Bees
- Fruit set, Crop Loading and Fruit Growth
- Harvesting
- Yields and Production Cycle
- Environmental Conditions for Good Growth
- Light Levels
- Temperature
- Greenhouse Shading for Temperature Control
- Humidity
- Carbon Dioxide Enrichment

CHAPTER 05: Hydroponic Growing Systems
- Media-based Systems
- Nutrient Management in Media Systems
- Rockwool-based Systems
- NFT-based Systems
- Deep Flow Technique
- Engineering Considerations for Solution Culture

CHAPTER 06: Mineral Nutrition
- Water
- Nutrient Recommendations - Mineral Elements Required
- Nitrogen
- Potassium
- Phosphorus
- Magnesium
- Calcium
- Trace Elements
- Iron
- Manganese
- Zinc
- Boron
- Copper
- Silica
- Nutrient Ratios
- Seedlings
- Early Growth
- Fruiting and vegetative growth
- Seasonal adjustments
- Crop Adjustments
- Nutrient Conductivity Effects

CHAPTER 07: The Capsicum Greenhouse
- Greenhouse Structure and Environmental Control
- Height
- Ventilation
- Width
- Heating
- Light transmission

CHAPTER 08: Pests and Diseases
- Pests
- Whitefly
- Aphids
- Thrips
- Mites
- Caterpillars
- Fungus Diseases 92 Botrytis
- Phytophthora blight
- Sclerotinia
- Anthracnose
- Alternaria
- Fusarium and Verticillium Wilts
- Bacterial Diseases
- Leaf Spot
- Soft Rot
- Virus Diseases
- Tobacco Mosaic (TMV)
- Tomato Spotted Wilt
- Cucumber (Pepper) Mosaic (CMV)

CHAPTER 09: Physiological Disorders
- Flower Bud Abscission
- Fruit Cracking
- Sunscald
- Misshapen Fruit
- Colour Disorders
- Blossom-end Rot

CHAPTER 10: Postharvest and Marketing
- Quality Standards
- Storage
- Chilling Injury
- Ethylene and Fruit Respiration
- Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Storage
- Plastic Wraps - Modified Atmosphere Storage
- Post Harvest Pathogens

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